Our Peer Review Process

What is it, how do I sign up for it..

We are now accepting requests for Peer Reviews!

Peer Reviews are where art pieces are informally displayed and critiqued by peers to give the artist constructive advice and independent perspectives. Each Peer Review will have up to four artists, each displaying up to three pieces. The artist may select any pieces for feedback. For example, pieces planned for potential shows, problem pieces, transitional pieces, or any others the artist chooses.

The Peer Review Committee set the following four strategies and the Peer Review process will align as closely as possible to these strategies:

  • Make SWF FCG an open / all inclusive organization within the designated SWF FCG media.

  • Continue to raise the bar by growing the artists

  • Conduct stellar exhibits

  • Continue fair and open processes

The artist can tailor their review; the Peer Review Committee generally recommends the artist select an Open Discussion forum.  The artist can informally introduce his/her work to the reviewers, providing information on inspiration, methods or any other background information they feel is useful (verbal and/or written cards.) Open discussion allows the artist to follow up with questions and obtain further details on methods, challenges and suggestions by other artists.

Below  are the links to the Peer Review Sheet and Peer Review Criteria developed by the Peer Review Committee to guide the written comments. The artist will receive copies of completed critique forms after their review.  

After the review, the artist will be requested for informal feedback to ensure we continue to improve the process. 

Please contact the Peer Review Committee with any questions, suggestions or to sign up

Reviewer Tips / Preceiving Reference 

Peer Review Sheet

Peer Review Criteria