Meet our Standing   Committee Members

A Team of Artists and Teachers

The staff of the Southwest Florida Fine Craft Guild are experienced and passionate artists who love sharing their skills and knowledge with all our guests. Above all, we’re a family of creative minds and qualified professionals in a variety of different fields who are bound by an undying passion for the arts. Come in and meet us today!

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Nancy VanTassell

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Assistant Website Director


Paul David Adamick

CCAC Guild Showcase

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Pam Richardson

Publicity/Print Media Director

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Jay Lana

Contact Me

Nancy Gray Giffin 


 Renee Farr

Fine Craft Expo Co-Directors


Phyllis Reiser

Community Liaison Director 


Donna Esher

Social Media

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Christine Vogensen

Past President 

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Renee Farr



Trudy Sampson

Scholarship Director